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You're probably wondering how I got here and to be honest, I'm not quite sure. I'm thinking hubris, but I'm gonna go with red wine and stick the landing on that one. 

Here goes: picture it my knitting corner , 2020. I'm in the home stretch of a project that I'm still not sure I want to publish. I'm adding toggles. There's a lot of toggles because I don't want the cold to creep in, but maybe too many toggles. Its starting to look like a Steve Harvey jacket. I realize I'm overthinking oblong wooden buttons and I take a sip of cabernet sauvignon. I'm pleased with myself for no good reason as I half progress after applying 6 of these bad boys and 2 *ahem glasses (don't ask about the size of the glass, just move along) of wine. 

They aren't aligned. The blasted buttoned have the stripes askew. I'd call myself the daughter of a cockeyed sailor, but I don't think my father would find it funny. I would and I get my sense of humor split between two parents that consistently find the wrong things funny. 

I don't even have additional photos for the shame gallery; but I removed 4 of the 6 toggles and made 3 holes. 3.

The hole pictured is the most spectacular for being cut at every row. I fail at the top, what can I say?! 

I'm off to fix this because its fall walking weather and I want Bébé to be able to wear it while his wrists are still hidden in the sleeves. 

Let's laugh about it sooner than later. 


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