Cobblestones & Lovely Paths 
The knitted journey through the past. 
I went through a serious gray phase in the 2000s. I mean serious. From the knickers on out, it was all gray until a particular companion made colors seem so much more interesting. I became more vivid through their influence and felt comfortable being me. Gray was no longer a shroud to hide behind, but an accent.

Fast forward to now and in the vigorous journey to minding the business that pays me, I've been staring in absolute awe at the way this turned out. 
The model JTD doesn't complain about my messy hair nor does JTD demand 2nd breakfast unlike some other finocky models that demand to be paid in flying drones and a Nickelodeon subscription to binge Spongebob. Sigh. Divas- i tell you. 
I hope this becomes a piece we can talk about more. 

#NowPlaying Hohyun, "Demon". 


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