#FOFriday Cobblestones & Lovely Paths

Isn't It a Lovely Day for a Stroll?

undyed yarn, knitted into a cable cowl. There are dragonfly charms sewn into the moss stitch. It is resting on a faux fur background. In the bottom left corner is a black rectangle with a red trim, in the center of the black rectangle is the name of the company, Joyeux Tricots Design. The "O" in tricots is replaced with a ball of yarn.

(I'm longwinded, to skip the ruminations, click here)

Once upon a time, I loved thoroughly and happily. We must have walked thousands of miles while gazing only at each other. 

The riverfront strolls on cobblestone roads that led to sunny parks and the gardens of Savannah often return to the forefront of my mind, particularly on cold winter mornings. I can still see the butterflies and dragonflies flitting and zipping about with joy and purpose. I can smell the sea mingled with the sounds of laughter and cocktail glasses clinking even as the heat from my tea fogs up my glasses. 

It is with those days in mind that I created this cowl. It holds the promise of warm days, iced tea imported from Long Island, and easy conversation. 

Face the cold, brave the elements wrapped in these traipsing cables settled down into the cobblestone-esque moss stitch center. The dragonflies sewn into it are charms I ordered from my favorite embellishments store on Etsy- Montage Supply

Whenever I see these winged, bronze guardians I can hear their wings flapping all the secrets of the far away, dew-covered forests. I can hear them regale of their seaside near escapes. 

I am very excited to share this pattern with you so let's talk. 

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  1. I have been looking for the dragonfly pins. Where can I find them? Are they associated with a charity? Thanks.

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