Breathe. Relax. Knit.

Moving back and forth from the bed to my work sofa, taking only my knitting and laptops (one for dramas and one for pattern writing). I feel more comfortable now than I have in a long time. Not only do I have several projects in mind, some not knitting related, but definitely in the fiber arts family. 
Last night I dreamed that 2 sergers were zipping through leather and printed canvas while a knitting machine was churning out what I feel should be a single seam sweater dress, and i was Persian knotting silk and linen. 
I'm going to take that and run with it. 
I'm more inclined to using super soft and expensive fibers. Even more so, I am gifting them to my loved ones. I am intentionally surrounding myself with softness. 
I hope that the fog of the past year clears for you and the weight lessens. I hope this for myself also. 
I hope that you remember that there are roses to stop and smell, books to pretend you'll make time to read, cannas to grow so the hummingbirds can visit you, and to be nicer to yourself. 
May you be nicer to yourself in 2021 than you've ever been. 

Corinne Bailey Rae's "Closer". 


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