It Is A New Year, Huh...

2020 has weighed on many of us heavily. We have lost loved ones, acquaintances, & kind strangers we only learn about after their death. 

I hope for nothing more than that we do not give up on ourselves. Don't give up on the possibilities. On every rough side of the mountain, there too is joy and discovery. Don't discard the beauty that life has to offer. 

Every year about this time, i read Earnest Hemingway's "False Spring" story from the book, "Moveable Feast". It stayed with me that even though the winter is so hard, it feels as though a child is dying- there will always be Spring. There will always be newness, there will always be revitalization. 

The power of these things should not be taken for granted or dismissed. 
I long to see you on the slick side of the mountain. 💜❤️ 

#NiwPlaying Keshi "Bandaids". 


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