Knit Tip Tuesday- Sets


"If you don't decrease & close the hat, it's a cowl. 
This is how you make a set." 

-E. Janelle Eason- 

One of my favorite things to do is to make it match. Symmetry is my jam. Matching sleeves socks, hats & cowls, scarves & mittens. Love it. I believe that with a little creativity and curiosity, many things are possible. 

So whenever you look at a pattern, ask yourself, "how can I make this coordinate?" 

Pictured: Muted Melody in Filatura 

To make a matching set is to take the pattern either work to close it for a hat or bind-off to make a cowl. It gets a bit tricky when you decide to enlarge your cowl, as seen above. I like them loose and away from my face. I'm not a fan of fabrics irritating my skin through constant touching and rubbing.

For me, it is fun to see just how I can turn one into two. 

It is my sincerest hope that knitting is fun for you. 


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