The Dacia Cowl


We all feel something when we encounter it. Some of us feel nostalgia, some of us feel envy, and some of us are delighted to see how youth is experienced now. I feel all of these things when I encounter young people. Their defiance in the face of time, time which sits on our chests like acidic foods we can no longer process. Their infectious joy to discover long known things. Youth is not wasted on the young. 

I poured my love of color, choosing something akin to a stain glass window in the full light of the sun for this free pattern. I named it after someone that is the embodiment of a stain-glass window in the midday sun as well. The warmth and adorable glow that emanates from these colors that collide and provide a different view of the world are everything that person is and has always been.  

It is my sincerest hope that The Dacia Cowl provides a warm glow that can be seen from the far reaches of your world and into your heart. 

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