This New Reality

Y'all (you know I'm southern, right?), so you hear "this is not the business" with a drawl and a twang.  I haven't gained weight but my hips hurt like I'm sitting in a too snug seat. It brings back painful memories of sitting with Genghis at his little table, too much booty for bucket seats, but it makes him happy. 

I hope that going back to classical ballet will help with the shifting sand that has settled at my bottom. I'll never understand what I need to do to shift that sand upstairs where it once was... Oh well. No one said the other side of 40 was fun. 

Bébé and I are in a space where time means nothing. Its 5 a.m and we are staring at each other wondering who will fall asleep first. My martini says it won't be me, he is looking too bright eyed, but I'm not going to argue with Russian vodka. 

I'm battling the need to "keep busy". I'm still knitting and working on patterns, but working more on myself and this wierd need to present things in a preset palatable manner as opposed to the rigidity that is me. *The universe is not done with me yet. 

I want to know how you are spending your time. What do you do now that the days all run together. How are you adapting to this world that has slowed down in some areas, sped upon others, as the words EXISTENTIAL CRISIS keep appearing in the news. 

#NowPlaying Keshi Bandaids


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